About The Republic of Uassy

The First Quarter of The 21st Century, 20 November 2021, @16:57 p.m., UTC +3


Thank You for taking Your Valuable Time to Be A Guest of The Republic of Uassy.

Uassy Values Human Being.

The Mission of Uassy, is making quality garments accessible with imagination, innovation, and originality. The Philosophy of Uassy, is producing a value is only possible with equity, diversity, and inclusion for Human well-being of The Present Civilization of The 21st Century. The Infrastructure Of Uassy Refers To The Thought Of Plato. Plato’s Teacher, Socrates; and Plato’s Student, Aristotle; as well as, Protagoras, Not Only Laying The Foundation Of Science, and Philosophy But Also Have Built, and Shared With Human Being; e.g., Ontology, Epistemology, Methodology (More information Privacy of Uassy). Understanding A Life Experience of A Human is a Physical phenomenon. Beyond the Physical phenomenon, Feeling The Life Experience of The Human with Empathy is a Metaphysical phenomenon. A Human Can Shape A Thought. Life comes Human with a Choice according to An Individual’s Experience gained from The Knowledge. The Knowledge is not “Just” a simple phenomenon. The Knowledge comes Human without a Choice Equally for Each Individual With The Gift Of Increasing The Level Of Individual’s Knowledge. The Choice is The Individual’s decisions in respond to a particular Fact (Maximus: The Facts should be considered as Plural because The Facts are continuous for Human) that determines whether The Individual Passes The Exam For Earning The Gift of The Universal Core for Accessing The Next Level Of The Knowledge. Meanwhile, The determination is the consequences of The Individual’s decision that comes from the transformation of the Metaphysical phenomenon into the Physical phenomenon (i.e., World, Material, World-li-ness). The Choice comes with the Choices. The matter for the Choice is related to “negative” or “positive” response to a Fact. The matter for the Choices are related to The Facts, and the Terms for each fact is interchangeable. For example, ‘A Table’, as a term, can be defined as ‘Meeting Table’, that allows people to make a meeting, and can also be defined as ‘Studying Table’, that allows people to study.

Shaping The Thought Is Possible For Any Individual Who Is Able To Connect To The Universal Core (Murat Kayak, Ph. D., Founder of Uassy).

Headquartered in Rwanda, Uassy LTD is operating World-wide.

Uassy (The History of Uassy)

The Republic Of Plato

The main question to be answered in the Republic is: What does Justice mean, and how can it be realized in human society? The Greek word for ‘just‘ has as many senses as the English ‘right.’ It can mean: observant of custom or of duty, righteous; fair, honest; legally right, lawful; what is due to or from a person, deserts, rights; what one ought to do. Thus it covers the whole field of the individual’s conduct in so far as it affects others-all that they have a ‘right’ to expect from him or he has a right to expect from them, whatever is right as opposed to wrong. A proverbial saying declared that justice is the sum of all virtue.

The Republic of Plato – Translated with Introduction and Notes by Francis Macdonald Comford, Oxford University Press, Book I, p. 1.

The History Of The Re-Public Of Uassy

Murat Kayak

“In-Just-ice, In-Equal-ity, and In-Tolerence Are Consequences Of Covetousness, And Are The Art-Nesless Of ‘Educated Un-Enlightened Of Decision Makers Since From The First Blood of Human Abel Has Fallen In To The Earth.”

— Murat Kayak, Ph. D.