Founder of Republic of Uassy

“Love boils in our burning furnace,
Nightingales come with enthusiasm, roses bloom in our garden (vineyard).
Covetousness, grudges disappear, in our square with Love,
Lions and Gazelles are Friends in our arms.

Temperature is in fire, not in sheet iron,
Miracle is in you, not in coat, not in crown,
Whatever you look for, look for within yourself,
Not in Jerusalem, Mecca, Pilgrimage”

— Pir Hünkar Seyyid Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli, Saint of Saints

Murat Kayak’s Life Experience

Originally, coming from a very small city in Tokat with the limited resources as a Founder of Republic of Uassy, Murat follows in the footsteps of The Founder of Türk Republic, Ulu Önder Başkomutan Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.

Murat’s dream was to study, and was to learn abroad. He was fortunate enough to have his first international study experience at The Oxford House College in London, England, The United Kingdom. As highlighted i.e., ‘England – Eng-land’ therefore let’s back to the year of March 6, 1884;

“Great Minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people”

— Eleanor Roosevelt, March 6, 1884

As known, being born as a Human does not make the Human a Human. What makes a Human a Human? Following paragraph does not make a Human a Human, too;

In which country a Human was born, what nationality, what race, what language She/He speaks, whether She/He has Faith or not, whether She/He has education or not, (Note: because education requires money, and the concept called money is the illusion that educated unenlightened decision makers set up in the economic system is wrong mathematically. When we look closer to the used economic formulas in the present economic system, the subject will be understandable i.e., covetousness colonialism), whether She/He has a status / title or not.

What makes a Human a Human is Morality i.e., Universal Morality. Languages might be different but the meaning given to each word is the ‘same’ in every language. For instance, a table is a table. A pen is a pen. Love is love. Heart is Heart. The heart speaks all languages. Universal Morality is inside of Human.

Going back to the Eng-land since highlighted above as “land”, (i.e., England, like Nether-land, and etc.), Eleanor Roosevelt indeed touches on the exactly “What makes a Human a Human” on March 6, 1884.

Respecting to an individual, a society, a community, an organization, an animal, to the nature, is ‘the fundamental of the universal morality’. This is not a choice, this is an obligation, especially respecting to Human’s Ancestors. We are all Human in essence. We share common values together. We share the Earth together. The race, or faith or whatever, this is not important. Ontology, for instance, is the Study of Being. Please look Protagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle. They have already shared their valuable thoughts and they did teach our present civilization. For example, the present university system can be traced back to Plato (Please also see The Allegory of the Cave).

The Founder of Türk Republic is Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, He is the Father of Türks, He is Murat’s Ancestor. Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk is not a nationalist Leader, or he is not a racist Leader. Born on 1881 in Selanik, He is such a Leader (i.e., Episteme, True, Geniune. On the internet, there are many wrong information about Him i.e., Doxa – Please see Plato for Episteme & Doxa), that he is a Marshal, Commander-in-Chief, and a Gazi, he defended a nation’s homeland for the national struggle and a nation’s honor in the front on the snow. However, He is also the Author of the Book, eg, the Book of Geometry, a Human Being that enlightened a nation in the conditions of that period, namely in poverty, that cannot be expressed with any words – He is a gift for human being, not only for the Türk Nation, but also for all nations because even though he does not like war, he had to war and he had to give a lesson to all colonialists. He has given a hope to the people of the exploited countries, as well. He gifted children April 23 Children’s Day and gave women the right to vote before the West (e.g., Europe), he defended equity / equality, diversity, inclusion built the social state understanding, and contributed many, many, many, to our current civilization for the World.

With torn shoes, on the snow, and “on the front”, as a Commander-in-Chief, his nation is utterly exhausted, his nation is in destitution, and even under these conditions, despite having achieved the Victory, he is a Leader who has lifted the enemy country’s flag from the ground although the enemy, at the beginning of the war, trampled the Flag of Nation (i.e., Türk Flag) with hatred under their feet.

Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

“Unless a nation’s life faces peril, war is murder.”

— Ulu Önder Başkomutan Mareşal Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Human History respects Honorable enemies, and we, too, as Uassy, we respect Honorable enemies.

However, do you think an enemy who tramples a nation’s flag with hatred under his feet is honorable? The concept of nationality or race is not important here. What is important is the Flag of a Nation, the Legacy of the Ancestor, which makes that Nation a Nation. Meanwhile, the one who does not respect the flag of the nation in front of him has no respect for himself anyway.

Human can make mistake, and Human learns from mistakes, and gains experience. A Human who does not repeat mistakes has stepped into being human.

The Country Name: Türkiye in Türk Language. ‘Türk-iye’: İye is a possessive suffix in Türk Language.

The Country Name: Turchia in Italian Language.

The Country Name: Turquía in Spanish Language.

The Country Name: Турция (Turtsiya) in Russian Language.

The Country Name: 土耳其 (Tǔ’ěrqí) in Traditional Chinese, Taiwan

The Country Name: Turkey in Latin -> Decision Makers: Why? Where is the Universal Morality?

The Country Name: Turkey in British English -> Decision Makers: Why? Where is the Universal Morality?

The Country Name: Turkey in American English -> Decision Makers: Why? – Where is the Universal Morality?
***Eventhough the Host Country of United Nations is The United States*** -> Is this your understanding about Peace?, Is this your understanding about Equity?, Is this your understanding about Equality?, Is this your understanding about your Diversity?

If Eng is England, if Nether is Netherland, if Switzer is Switzerland then Türk is Türkland (Türk-land).

Please check what do we mean for ” Educated Un-Enlightened”, Following Link,

Honestly, you know why Murat is upset? Not about The Republic of Türks are called Turkey by “Educated Unenlightened Decision Makers”, Murat has no any problem with it. He is upset because, nothing is changed since The First Blood of Abel Has Been Fallen In To The Earth.

Murat loves Turkey, has no any problem with The “Educated Unread Decision Makers”. As Nicola Tesla shared his Valuable Life’s Experience.


“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I don’t care that they stole my idea. I care that they don’t have any of their own. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists.

If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world.

What we now want is closer contact and better understanding between individuals and communities all over the earth, and the elimination of egoism and pride which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and strife

Peace can only come as a natural consequence of universal enlightenment”

— Nicola Tesla

Tokat is the city of Zile, where Julius Caesar, had the Victory for the Battle of Zile in Tokat, on 2nd August 47 BC,

where is the HomeTown of “Episteme” Historical Words i.e., Veni, Vidi, Vici, “I came; I saw; I conquered”, the maxim / phrase has been archived with Caesar’s letter to Roman Senate. As known, this maxim has been interpreted as a sign of “allusion” for the “senate”, which was made up of “aristocrats” and traditionally represented the most powerful group in the Roman Republic.

R-O-M-A ≠ A-M-O-R

(In other words, Roma is an esoteric concept of the aristocrats who hold the power in their hand)

Julius Caesar is a Leader, who is aware what Roma and what Amor is…, and Julius Caesar is aware of the bad intention of Roman Aristocrats, who work to build ROMA Empire.

R-O-M-A, when you read the words from conversely.

A-M-O-R, AMOR is LOVE in English.

ROMAN EMPIRE – THAT MEANS, “LOVE IS END” – This is a subliminal message of Roman Aristocrats, and who think they are smart enough. Indeed, Those Aristocrats are not aware that they were able to make their Heart a “Stone”. Yes, they “were able to”, because, Heart is Pure. It is not easy indeed to make a Heart a Stone. If one makes her / his heart a stone, she / he has no any feeling anymore. She / He – hates – Love.


Julius Caesar defended LOVE… Instead of Roman Empire – Julius Caesar worked to build AMOR EMPIRE (LOVE EMPIRE).

As said, this is the war between false & The Truth, – Julius Caesar, was in The Truth.

After Zile, Julius Caesar had a stone inscription made in the castle in Pompeii where is located in “Naples”, and had this world-famous word written there as well.

According to Murat, Julius Caesar’s famous words i.e., Veni, Vidi, Vici has been replicated with a “Doxa” by a number of unnecessary, and “educated unenlightened politicans” around the World in our civilization. The phrase is available in Zile, Tokat, Türk Republic, and in Pompeii, Naples, Campania, Italian Republic.

Veni – Vidi – Vici is not “Just” a simple three words. Veni – Vidi – Vici is a Thought developed by Julius Caesar, to Teach “What Does Republic Is” with an Allusion to “Educated Unenlightened Aristocrats” in that century in The Roman Republic who hold the power in their hand.

As Uassy, we Respect, we Love YOU, Julius Caesar

  • Please see Plato for the Episteme & Doxa for an “Episteme Reference” –

Murat Kayak, (Born on August 1, 1987, Tokat, Türkland), Ph. D. from the Oldest Secular State University, established by Holy Roman Emperor Federico II in 1224 in Naples; University of Naples “Federico II”, MBA from the AACSB Accredited College of Management from Asia University in Taichung, and Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management from Mugla University in Mugla, is an academic, and an entrepreneur, served as an organizing committee member for several international conferences in Taiwan, Turkey, and Italy, respectively. Murat was fortunate enough to personally speak to Sir Prof. Dr. Christopher A. Pissarides, Cypriot British from London School of Economics at Asia University in Taichung during and after his presentation of their research in which received a Nobel Prize in Economics, His achivement is recognized by “Sir” Title, from The United Kingdom.

Murat is working on Management Theory with Quantitative Economics. He introduced a Cooperative Advantage Model with the study entitled “An Inquiry into the Management Theory: Introducing Cooperative Advantage”, available at Cambridge Open Engage, and a part of his master’s thesis at Asia University in Taichung published as a book chapter at Cambridge Scholars Publishing upon successfuly completing a presentation in a leading international conference (i.e., including Founding Editors; e.g., Annals of Tourism Research, Jafar Jafari; Chris Ryan from New Zealand…), organized by a Journal from Taylor & Francis, in Mugla.

During his Ph. D. experience in Italy, Murat introduced, “Worldness” construct to the literature for measuring a destination globality, as because there were no any way to measure the perception of a destination globalness. A firm’s product can move multiple markets that makes the firm’s product a global brand however a destination cannot move to any other place. Therefore, He defined worldness, simply as attracting tourists from multiple countries to a destination for making it possible for measurement quantitatively.

He disagrees with his scientific proof for the infrastructure of the economic science of the 20th and the 21st century i.e., scarcity. For this reason, he is working on Worldism Phenomenon, that he first introduced and presented a couple of his idea to the academic community in the Naples Forum on Service in Naples in 2015, with the intention of global well being of our present civilization. Upon the right time, he aims to submit his book to Cambridge University Press.

Murat is able to understand the William James’s life experience with empathy, one of the favorite works of Murat is Pragmatism, developed by William James, an American Philosopher (The letter to the Editor related to 1000 pages is really touching the Heart).

William James quotes on:


James’s letter about his own Principles Of Psychology (1890) quoted in Hergenhahn (2009):

  James (1920) did not think much of it, as he indicated in a letter he sent to the publisher along with the manuscript: "No one could be more disgusted than I at the sight of the book. No subject is worth being treated of in 1000 pages. Had I ten years more, I could rewrite it in 500; but as it stands it is this or nothing—a loathsome, distended, tumefied, bloated, dropsical mass, testifying to nothing but two facts: 1st, that there is no such thing as a science of psychology, and 2nd, that W. J. is an incapable." (Vol. 1, p. 294)

He did write the shorter version called Psychology: Briefer Course (1892), only 478 pages; generations of students referred to the Principles as “James” and the Briefer Course as “Jimmy”.

Letter to publisher Henry Holt, CHOCORUA, N.H., July 24, 1891:

  MY DEAR HOLT,-- I expect to send you within ten days the MS. of my 'Briefer Course' boiled down to possibly 400 pages. By adding some twaddle about the senses, by leaving out all polemics and history, all bibliography and experimental details, all metaphysical subtleties and digressions, all quotations, all humor and pathos, all interest in short, and by blackening the tops of all the paragraphs, I think I have produced a tome of pedagogic classic which will enrich both you and me, if not the student's mind... The larger book seems to be a decided success--especially from the literary point of view. I begin to look down upon Mark Twain! Yours ever. WM. JAMES.

Murat cares Love. According to Murat’s life experience, understanding Love is the first step into a being a Human. In other words, starting to understand the Love enables a Human to open the gate of Enlightenment in which is a unique consciousness travel in mind with thoughts. This travel is an enjoyment that arrives another (next) gate, and continues with another (next) gates, and another (next) gate, perhaps, it is infinite (e.g., Polished Mirror of Ibn Arabi, from Endülüs, Spain).